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Built on the strong tradition of craft beverages, Oregon now is considered to be one of the most active small batch spirits production areas, boasting over 50 liquor distillery licenses, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Although many consider Portland to be the focal point for craft spirits, the Willamette Valley is emerging as an artisinal hot spot; with the entree of Vivacity Spirits and two other distilleries coupled with the quality wineries and breweries located from Salem to Eugene. It’s worth a trip down the Valley to Corvallis.

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Vivacity Vodka raises the bar on taste, quality, and drinkability.  One sip and you’ll realize how revolutionary craft distilling can be.  The mouth feel is silky, the taste is rich, smooth and amazing.

Vivacity Vodka is made from organic corn and attention to detail.  We wanted to both preserve and show off the raw beauty of our vodka.  Our complex distillation and filtering processes highlight all the nuances of this smooth taste which is backlit by a sophisticated finish.  Just as all great artists know, beauty in its natural state is always alluring.

You don’t need to dress up our vodka.  We are proud to say that Vivacity Vodka stands with the best sipping vodkas.  But if you must mix…. Mix responsibly – Subtlety is a virtue

Bankers’ Gin is a well-crafted and traditional gin flavor with a nice citrus pop.  It is ideal for familiar gin cocktails or enjoying that classic gin flavor on the rocks.

Bankers’ dry gin creates interest the old fashioned way.  We earn it.  By handcrafting our effusion of herbs.  Then we bond a cachet of botanicals, invest them with aroma, and endow them with a crisp citrusy flavor we call Bankers’ gin by Vivacity.  Give credit to Bankers’ Gin in the sense that the tried and true can also be original and delightful.

Native Gin is redolent in fragrance and flavor due to the array of botanicals we lovingly combine in this spirit.  With seventeen (yes, 17!) herbs and spices, most of which are native to the PNW and two we even hand pick.  This is a true reflection of Oregonian love of our surroundings.

Native gin provides a dynamic flavor profile and complements even the most complex cocktails.

No matter how you drink it, Native Gin is unlike any other gin you’ve tasted.  Once you breathe it in and roll it around your mouth, it tastes so clean and “right”, you suddenly feel like you’ve just come home.

Tasters will often express with great delight – “It’s like walking in the Cascade mountains!”

The coffee lovers of the Pacific Northwest, (and that’s a discerning crowd) have discovered a new secret to tell their friends.  Vivacity Spirit’s Turkish Coffee Liqueur.

Turkish coffee is a centuries old tradition.  It’s a rich, deep, and dark coffee with a little sweetness and spice.  It’s sipped slowly to savor all that complex intensity.  Vivacity Spirits has re-imagined this tradition with locally roasted coffee which is freshly ground with cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks.  The result is a heady liqueur that will delight coffee lovers and transform tea drinkers.

Turkish Coffee has been heralded as the “milk of chess players and philosophers.”  We invite you to sip our Turkish Coffee Liqueur, indulge in deep thought, luxuriate in lively conversation, and savor the richness of life.

Rich in flavor with vanilla, caramel, plus a hint of fruit tones and oak.

True to the name, this smooth and delicious rum uses traditional fermentation and distillation recipes and processes.

Vivacity Spirits Traditional Rum has been aged for over a year in both bourbon and neutral oak barrels to ensure the smooth flavor that only barrel aging can accomplish.

Enjoy this neat, warming the glass with your hands to release the intoxication aromas, or on a hot summer day with just an ice cube.

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