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Here you will find more info on our premium craft spirits including “The World’s Finest Sipping Ginger” and much more. We introduced our ginger liqueur in April 2014 and so far the response has been amazing. Try it for yourself and find out what all the buzz is about.

A philosophy about liqueurs? Well, yes, and without sounding too highbrow it can be summed up in a single word: balance. Like the three legs of a well-balanced stool, essence, spirit, and sweetness are blended to achieve the perfect pitch. Or maybe like facets of a gem that are cut “just so” to achieve brilliance. Anyway, finding the right balance is one of the key challenges and rewards of being in the spirits business. On the left you can learn a little more about each of the core aspects of a liqueur.

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Who we are

I have worked on sugar and alcohol chemistry for many years. The original plan was to save the world by making clean renewable fuel ethanol from ryegrass and wheat straw. Turns out that the world was not that interested in being saved yet. We’d rather be fracking. Bummer.

While sustainable fuels will have to wait, I realized that my skills in fermentation, distillation, and enzymatic carbohydrate chemistry would be very useful in the spirits business (and probably more fun!). Since liqueurs and whiskies have always been my favorites, those are the areas I decided to pursue. The liqueurs are the focus of the business as the unique whiskey we would like to make is stuck in a morass of goverment red tape (so much for innovation…).

Anyway, I am excited to be making a product that people are excited about. I hope to use this forum to answer questions from colleagues and customers. We have a decent lab and know how to use it to solve problems like stuck ferms, sugar, acid and alcohol quantitation, etc. I also welcome questions from friends that have questions about our products or other mysteries associated with spirits.

Where we are

Spiritopia Liqueurs
720 NE Granger Avenue, Building B
Corvallis, Oregon, USA 97330
Telephone: +1 541 990 0337
E-mail: chris@spiritopia.com

Our Craft

Check out one or all of our Ginger Liqueur Cocktail Recipes below. You will notice that they include both original concoctions and new takes on some old favorites. For your convenience we have included a printable booklet which will allow you to keep the recipes close at hand. Enjoy responsibly!

Below are the first of our suggested apple liqueur cocktails. We have also included a printable booklet for the Apple Liqueur recipes. Give them a try and enjoy responsibly!


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