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“In my past career as a pastry chef, I worked around the country with local and culturally expressive ingredients and methods. Upon moving to Portland, Oregon in 2001, I fell in love with the abundance of excellent ingredients and the creative lifestyle. I worked as the pastry chef for farm-to-table pioneer Greg Higgins, solidifying my connection to food and place. I later founded Bees & Beans, an award winning confection company with local honey, bean to bar domestic chocolate, and definitive Willamette Valley ingredients. As a crafter of spirits I take the same approach, featuring hand selected, place specific ingredients to capture the spirit of the pacific northwest forest. Join me, let’s take our cocktails to the forest!”
– Faith Dionne, JAZ Spirits

JAZ Spirits Products

Cold Tree Gin


Our Craft

Old Tree Gin

Old Tree Gin is an escape to the woods. Inspired by the elegant old growth forests of Oregon, we craft a spirit that leaves botanical, fruit, and old tree harvests intact, yielding a lush texture, warm color, and long finish.

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