High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to the Portland’s Craft Distilling Scene

High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to the Portland’s Craft Distilling Scene

If You Love Oregon-Made Spirits You Should Know About High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to the Portland’s Craft Distilling Scene


Along with our goal of furthering the distilling industry through online distribution of Oregon spirits and distillery-related content, we’d like to share details about a soon-to-be published guidebook to Portland distilleries.

“High-Proof PDX: A Spirited Guide to Portland’s Craft Distilling Scene” is the first-ever comprehensive print guidebook to navigating the city’s local distilling and cocktail scene. “High-Proof PDX” will be published September 2017 by Overcup Press and is written by food and drink writer, Karen Locke.

The guidebook will be available online through Overcup Press, and at local shops and distilleries in Portland. If your goal while imbibing is to support local purveyors, “High-Proof PDX” will show you how.

The guidebook to distillery tasting features a chapter for each distillery in Portland, along with other Oregon distilleries. In addition to learning each distillery’s history, the guidebook provides advice on how to sip in a tasting room like a pro, and a primer on how distillation works so you better understand the whiskey you love!

There’s also a bit of recent distilling history outlining the key players and distillers who have been impacting the craft distilling industry since the early 2000s.

If you love whiskey, gin, and other spirits made in Oregon, you’ll want to get your hands on “High-Proof PDX” to learn about which events you can meet master distillers, how to stock your home bar, and which local products to buy for mixing cocktails at home.

While hangovers aren’t necessarily something to brag about, they happen once in awhile. “High-Proof PDX” gives you advice for avoiding a hangover—and if you can’t—there’s advice on how to make it out alive included from top bartenders in Portland, Oregon.

The “High–Proof PDX” brand incorporates the forthcoming book with an online and social presence. Follow High-Proof PDX on Instagram to see which Portland bars and restaurants are using your favorite spirits. Then, sign-up for the book’s newsletter, Cocktail Union for exclusive never-before-shared cocktails in your inbox.

For hours, distillery addresses, and maps—bring the guide to Portland distilling with you. Leaving town for the weekend? Check out the book’s list of Oregon distilleries to make sure you don’t miss out on discovering your next favorite spirit.




About the Author

Karen is a food and drink writer who believes the darker the bar, the better. She has written for​ ​various print and digital publications for the past five years including Thrillist, Paste magazine, Sip Northwest magazine, OnTrak magazine, and more​. Before living in Portland ​Karen resided in Minneapolis where she tended bar,​ served a lot of Thai food,​ and drank whiskey on the rocks​.


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