Foodies West and Vivacity Fine spirits

Foodies West and Vivacity Fine spirits

Open a distillery?  That’s just goofy. That’s what Caitlin Prueitt and her husband, Chris Neumann, first thought when they tossed ideas for a business back in 2009.

“We started talking about a distillery,” Prueitt said. “We talked about a lot of different ideas.  We thought, what if we did a distillery?  We talked about it for a day or two, and thought. That’s goofy.  Start a distillery, who does that?”

Someone like Prueitt, actually, who has bartended since she ws 22-years old and has a background in fermentation.  Prueitt said she worked at the former Henninger Brewery in Frankfurt, Germany and then at Meridian Vineyards in Paso Robles, as well as SVP Winery in Shandon.

“We thought of doing a coffee shop” Prueitt continued, “a creamery.  Most of our ideas were food- or drink-based.  We started talking again about a distillery, and started looking into it.”

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