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Naturally Good
Crescendo was started in 2013 by two engineers wanting to provide a product that was free of anything but what nature provides. Crescendo products are free of GMO’s and artificial ingredients. Produced with only certified organic ingredients, the results are the finest flavors. They are located in Eugene, Oregon in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Crescendo Organic Spirits Products


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Where we are

4065 West 11th Ave #47
Eugene, OR 97405
Phone: (425) 201-8669

Our Craft

Organic Lemon Liqueur

Limoncello is the formula devised and executed by an engineer with a penchant for numbers and ratios, and an obsession for flavor, color, viscosity, and freshness. In the end you have a product with as low a sugar content as possible; a fruit forward citrus flavor that slaps the tongue like only natural flavors can; a premium alcohol base that amplifies the flavor; and of course fresh Pacific Northwest water all the way from Oregon’s Snowpack.

Organic Lime Liqueur

Tequila, light beers, rum, gin, vodka – it goes everywhere and does it well. Bottom line, if you like/love the flavor of lime, then this should be in your life somewhere.

Organic Orange Liqueur

If you are a fan of orange flavored anything’s then Crescendo’s Arancello will knock your socks off. Arancello is not a triple sec (a lot less sugar and the alcohol content is less) but in some cases can flavor similarly if you are looking to substitute.

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