Cokana at the Thristie Tasting Room

Cokana at the Thristie Tasting Room

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Cokana Vodka is the creation of Leslie Campbell who came up with the idea while travelling through Argentina. While in the South American country, she was introduced to the tradition of chewing on the coca leaf. Inspired by this experience, she and her parnter Debbie Chase decided to combine their love for premium spirits with their love of the coca leaf to create the world’s first coca leaf flavored vodka.

Cokana is the winner of a gold medal in the 2017 SIP (International Spirits Competition) blind taste test awards. They also achieved a bronze medal in the 2017 San Francisco World Sprits Competition

Our team had never heard of a vodka infused with coca leaf before and we were intrigued. We didn’t quite know what to expect. Read our reviews below:

Bart – Head of Engineering

Very interesting concept. I could see this going well with lime-based cocktails.

Devaraj – CEO & Co-Founder

Very earthy. It’s a great bottle to have in your home bar.

Sonia – Marketing Associate

I agree, it does have an earthy flavor, reminds me of bison grass vodka. Definitely an interesting spirit to experiment with in cocktails.

For more informationon Cokana, you can visit their site here.

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