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Stories Shared Around A Campfire Are Just Better – With Whiskey

The only thing that can make shared stories of rafting, fly-fishing, golfing or mountain biking in the warm glow of an open fire better is a selection of some of the finest whiskeys and bourbons in the world – crafted right here in the Pacific Northwest. Allow us to deliver a curated experience of whiskey and cigar pairings that is sure to improve your storytelling skills.

Whiskey Flights or Artisan Cocktails, the Choice is Yours

The Pacific Northwest is fast becoming known for crafting some of the best American Whiskey, Rye and Bourbons in the world.  We delight in guiding our guests through a flight of the region’s leading spirits.  We’re also known for craft cocktails like the ones listed below.

The Classic Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned, Strong American Whiskey, Bitter Housewife Bitters, Improper Goods, Crafted Life, Bend Oregon Bar ServicesThe Old Fashioned is a classic cocktail that has never gone out of style.  We craft our Old Fashioned New Basin’s Light American Barrel Aged Whiskey.  We wet a sugar cube in a dash of Angustura bitters and a splash of soda water and crush with a wooden muddler.  Rotate the glass, add ice and gently pour in the bourbon.  Find an Adirondack by the fire and celebrate the evening.

The Smoking Jacket

Bourbon, Tea Spirit No. 5 – Smoke Tea, Demerara syrup and Angoustura are combined together over ice – ideally a handmade mixing glass from Bull in China.  Given a long stir then strained into an old fashioned glass over a large ice cube and garnished with a twist of grapefruit.

The Strong Pour

New Basin Strong, American Whiskey, Crafted Life, Bar Services, Bend, OregonNew Basin has a limited release 10-year barrel aged American Whiskey.  We like it poured over a large ice cube in a North Drinkware handmade glass. Sometimes simple is best.

Barrels OW
North Drinkware, Campfire Cocktail, Bend, Oregon
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In our first year of business we have been honored to have hosted a range of events from small birthday parties at Pronghorn to large 3-day retreats at Camp Navarro in Mendocino. With over 150 different award-winning spirits to choose from we look forward to guiding you on a journey through America’s finest craft cocktails.

Our client roster has grown to a include folks like Bend Venture Conference, Brasada Ranch, Cascade Angels, EDCO, Kid’s Center, Nike, Mint Events, Pronghorn Resort, Saxon’s Fine Jewelers, The Supper Club, The Battery and The Wingtip Club.

So if you’re looking to celebrate in style – lets chat.

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