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My cousin Dusty and I were true new generation moonshiners. I was 22 years of age when he and I started making hooch, striving to perfect the notorious “Apple Pie Moonshine”. Countless days and nights were spent working towards this goal. The day finally came when we tasted a batch and thought: “We wouldn’t change a thing”. Even at 80 proof, this recipe is the smoothest and most flavorful Apple Pie Moonshine we have ever tasted. Friends and family who tried it loved it so much we decided it was time to go legal, and bring this real, homemade Apple Pie Moonshine to you.

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Brody’s Citrus Rye Moonshine


Brody’s Apple Pie Moonshine


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Salem Oregon

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Brody’s Apple Pie Moonshine

It is made in Oregon, and at 80 Proof. We use 6 Different All Natural Ingredients, with a 100% corn mash.

You will taste apple, honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It’s sweet on the front of your tongue and spicy on the back.

Brody’s Citrus Rye

It is made in Oregon, and at 80 proof. The base is an unaged rye whiskey blend that is infused with citrus post distillation. You will taste pink grapefruit and lemon with hits of lime, pineapple and pear.

You will taste the citrus fruits on the front of your tongue, followed by a rye whiskey finish on the exhale. The citrus rye cocktails well with just about anything.

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